The Education Pillar

Morehouse School of Medicine has extended its comprehensive IMPACT campaign with a new fundraising goal of $500 million. The second phase of the campaign will bolster three key pillars: Education, Innovation, and Capital.

The Health Disparity


African-American Physicians




African-Americans in US population


Percentage of medical school graduates that are African-American


Percentage of practicing physicians that are African-American

The Urgent Need for Culturally Competent Providers

African-Americans and other minorities face a disproportionate amount of health disparities. Yet there are not enough providers that are representative of these communities. For example, there are 47 million African-Americans in the United States and only 45,000 African-American practicing physicians.

By 2034, there will be a shortage of 37,800 – 124,000 overall physicians. If we do not cultivate more culturally competent health care providers, the health disparities that people of color face, will only expand as the shortage of physicians continues to surge.

Morehouse School of Medicine is dedicated to health equity

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) is unlike any other institution because cultural competence and an emphasis on representation have always been at the center of how we teach, serve and lead.

It is what we do best. Students that attend MSM, are equipped with a rich learner-centered, culturally competent education. This is the reason why Morehouse School of Medicine produces 20% of the Black and Brown healthcare professionals across the globe.

Why support MSM’s education pillar?

Supporting MSM’s Education Pillar upends one of our students’ greatest barriers to obtaining a medical education — the cost. Direct and endowed scholarships, provide access for students who come from groups underrepresented in medicine (75% of our student body). Our goal is to attract and retain the best and brightest future health care leaders by offering them competitive scholarships.

The challenge

MSM aims to attract and retain the best and brightest future health care leaders by offering them competitive scholarships. We must also dismantle cost barriers for talented students that come from groups underrepresented in medicine.

The solution

To do this, we need to increase our endowment substantially. By boosting our endowment, we can provide scholarships that cover 50% or more of our students’ tuition.

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