The Innovation Pillar

Morehouse School of Medicine has extended its comprehensive IMPACT campaign with a new fundraising goal of $500 million. The second phase of the campaign will bolster three key pillars: Education, Innovation, and Capital.

Endowed Faculty Help Fill the Urgent Demand for Innovation in Healthcare

Endowments are amongst the most prestigious honors awarded to faculty, and they serve as a powerful recruitment tool to attract the best and brightest academics and students from around the world. It also allows faculty to offer fresh perspectives to the research cannon.

Their work provides profound vison in research and education, leading to discoveries that can impact countless lives for years to come.

When MSM students have the opportunity to study under an endowed faculty member – they are developing the expertise necessary to become culturally competent health care leaders in their own right. They will then have an opportunity to occupy a seat at the table of research and policy, where their voices are desperately needed to promote health equity.


The challenge is twofold.
We need a diverse workforce of health care leaders, scientists, and researchers to drive health equity.
We also must increase our support to attract the talented faculty that can help cultivate this diverse workforce.

67% of the US population is White

83% are research participants

Black/African Americans make up 13.4% of the US population

5% are trial participants

Hispanic/Latinos represent 18.1% of the US population

Less than 1% are trial participants

More diverse scientists and health care providers can increase minority participation in critical clinical trials. This is just one example of why a diverse scientific workforce is vital in the fight for health equity.

The solution

  • Critical recruitment tools for both faculty and students
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation
  • Raise the visibility of MSM’s crucial work in creating and advancing health equity

MSM’s Impact

We foster health and research literacy by translating our innovative health care solutions from the lab to the clinic, to the community and then the world.

Our work emphasizes those who are underrepresented. However, we believe that the results of our innovation will improve the health and well-being of people everywhere.

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